Tuesday, March 7, 2017

February - Second Half

"Late February days; and now, at last, might you have thought that winter's woe was past; so fair the sky was and so soft the air." -William Morris

The weather the last couple of weeks of February was very volatile, ranging anywhere from the 20s to the mid 70s.  Regardless of the weather, we made sure to take our daily walk...

Some days the children were more excited than others. ;-)
We signed Joseph up for his first season of tee-ball, which starts soon.  He has already has some unofficial "practices" in the back yard with Daddy...

We celebrated my father's 70th birthday...

And Joseph continued working hard at occupational therapy each week...we're so proud of him!

And we also went to the Old Starmount Mardi Gras celebration with my parents, as we do every year...

And, some more fun moments from the people I love so much. :-)

Take the day that this little princess turned 7 months old

Such a silly boy!

Daddy and Jojo getting their wiggles out at a local park

My favorite little Tar Heels

Love watching these two hold hands and cuddle in the stroller :-)

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