Tuesday, November 28, 2017

October 2017 in Photos

"I'm so glad that we live in a world where there are Octobers." -L.M. Montgomery

 October is always one of the busiest, if not THE busiest, months of the year for our family.  Here's a sampling of all we did!

We had family in to celebrate Joseph's 5th birthday (we celebrated the weekend before his actual birthday).  I cannot tell you how hard it is for me to believe that he's FIVE!!!  He had a pirate-themed party, and we also had lots of good times together with our family.

That Saturday night the whole family - my parents, David's parents, and his sister and our nephews, enjoyed dinner at Cugino Forno at Revolution Mill

Great Mimi gets a visit from Gracie

We went to the NC State Fair for Joseph's actual birthday.  There was a lot of riding rides and a lot of eating fair food. :-)

3:09pm on October 20th at the NC State Fair...sleeping through the exact moment he turned 5

Lizzie also took a nap

We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary with dinner at Liberty Oak (while my parents kept our kids), and my sweet husband brought me a dozen beautiful roses :-)

We went with Daddy to watch him give blood at a blood drive at a local church.  The ladies volunteering fell in love with Jojo and entertained him the entire time, as did the Red Cross ladies...

Training them to be future donors!
We went to the Lexington BBQ Festival, where there's always plenty of food, fun, and rides..

This girl loved sharing BBQ with her daddy

These swings actually went way faster than the normal ones this size.  We were a bit surprised after putting Joseph on them and seeing how fast they actually went, but he loved it!

We also made a visit to Clodbuster Farm in Kernersville, where we did fun things like a corn maze, a hayride, and the pumpkin patch...

David leads us through the corn maze while wearing Lizzie on his back

Hay ride fun!

We went to the Greensboro Jewish Festival, but the only picture I managed to get that actually turned out was the picture of the knish that we split...

The kids had their checkups - Joseph's 5 year and Lizzie's 15 month - with Dr. Lowe...

The looks of children that are anticipating their shots

 Homeschooling has continued to go well, and Joseph has worked really hard on new skills, like writing his name :-)

A few nights before Halloween David carved our pumpkin...

And on Halloween night we went trick-or-treating, followed by coming back to our house for our annual front-yard Halloween bonfire (which my parents joined us for).  Things were a little "batty" here.

Waiting for Daddy to get home so we could get to our Halloween fun

A fun month with these crazies...

This picture was taken closer to the start of October when it was still warm enough for short sleeves and bare feet :-)

His last night going to bed as a 4 year old

We went shopping one Sunday afternoon at Belk with daddy and these two had a ball gazing at themselves in mirrors and chatting up mannequins.  **Eye roll.**